Weekly Lawn Mowing

Weekly Lawn Mowing Will Save You Time.

Time to let a professional lawn mowing crew at Scott’s Quality Lawn Care take over your regular lawn mowing?  Whether you’re looking to free up some time to spend with family and friends, or you’re a busy professional whose time is better spent elsewhere, we’re the solution for you! Maybe it’s not about time at all. Maybe the task of taking care of your lawn has become more strenuous than you want, or you simply can’t take care of things on your own any longer. It’s time to treat yourself to our regular lawn mowing services; after all, you work hard, and you deserve it. Our friendly and professional staff can help take the stress off of you no matter what the reason is.

Don’t think you need service weekly?  No problem, you may give us a heads up if you feel the need to skip your service when your mowing day approaches.  Our program accounts for the fact that customers may need to skip a service here and there.  Request a quote today and we’ll send you more information on our program!

Top of the Line Machinery & Meticulous Service

Have you ever been wary about the quality of work that someone else would do on your lawn? You’re not alone. We have a select few clients who have signed up for service over the years who have felt this way and been pleased and relieved at the quality that Scott’s Quality Lawn Care delivers. How do we deliver a quality mowing job time after time?  It really comes down to three things: people, machines, and our Quality Program.

As far as people go, we take training to a whole different level. Scott’s Quality Lawn Care is all about mowing and trimming techniques; it really is an art form to us! We make sure everyone is extensively trained not only in our high standards of lawn maintenance, but also in the full safety standards and applications of our machinery. 

When it comes to machines, Scott’s Quality Lawn Care uses only the best commercial lawn mowing equipment and maintains this equipment to a high standard. We pay attention to everything, especially the lawn mowing deck and blade(s). Dull blades can “tear” the grass plant and have an adverse effect on the overall health of your lawn, so we make sure that our blades are always sharp, and the mowing decks are level.

Check out our gallery section to see some photos of our beautifully mowed lawns and the signature stripes that our mowers leave behind!

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Our Quality Program

Lastly, our Quality Program has been instrumental in maintaining a high level of workmanship. Find out how our Quality Program works by reading more here.

regular lawn mowing
lawn mowing rates

Weekly Lawn Mowing Pricing:

Starting at $166.26 per month for Weekly Mowing.
($193.28  is an average residential yard)

We offer a weekly lawn mowing program. This mowing program is scaled back such that you will receive 2-3 visits in September.  In October you will receive two full Fall Clean-up visits.

The lawn mowing contract runs from May 1 until October 31 and can be cancelled at anytime without penalty.

We mulch lawns under two conditions:

1. If mulching does not leave clumps or make a mess.
2. If you do not object to mulching.

Otherwise we will bag and haul away the clippings for you.

Give us a try. We could work well together!