Quality Program

We Don't Just Talk About Great Service, We Hold Ourselves Accountable To It.

Your feedback fuels our committment to professionalism

Scott’s Quality Lawn Care introduced the Quality Program in the spring of 2017. This program is simply a one question survey sent straight to our regular lawn mowing and regular snow removal customers’ inboxes. We ask them to rate our work on a scale of 1-5 each month. All our customers have to do is take 3 seconds to click their response! The scores are then tabulated each month and if we achieve anything higher than a 4.5 average, our field employees are awarded bonuses.

We fully expect our team to earn these bonuses, and in fact they have never not achieved their bonus. Everyone has a vested interest in participating in this program. Our customers are given the opportunity to bring any issues to the table without feeling uneasy about it. If you give us anything less than a five, you can simply check any issues or changes you would like to see from a drop-down menu or type in a comment box what you would like to see changed.

At Scott’s Quality Lawn Care, we are highly committed to your greatest satisfaction with our work and service. Our Quality Program is beneficial because it allows us to deliver the highest level of quality possible to your specifications. It is great for our employees because they become highly interested in their scores, what they can do better, and of course their bonuses! Lastly, it gives our entire company peace of mind knowing that we are doing a great job.

Our Quality Program is truly a WIN-WIN-WIN!