Fall Clean-Ups

Protect Your Lawn With A Fall Clean-Up

Having a fall clean-up done is a great idea to make sure your lawn is nice and tidy for winter, not to mention next spring! Fall clean-ups are not just a great idea because of aesthetics, but also the overall health of your lawn. A Scott’s Quality Lawn Care fall clean-up includes blowing any debris and leaves off hard surfaces, beds, and out of tight spaces onto your lawn. We then hand rake all the debris and do a final mow and trim of your lawn for the season.

The final mow of your lawn serves two purposes: First is to pick up all residual debris to give a clean, finished appearance. Second is to make sure that your lawn is lowered to the proper height for the winter. Leaving your lawn long over the winter can lead to fungal diseases and/or snow mold as a result of moisture being trapped under bent grass beneath the snow. This is something every home owner should want to avoid! Leaving the leaves and debris on your lawn can cause the same issues. We typically mow at 1.5 or 2 inches on your final cut depending upon your turf conditions. We haul away all clippings with our fall clean-up! If you don’t have any clean-up to tend to, you may simply book a final mow and trim. Proper lawn maintenance in the fall goes a long way!

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Fall Clean-up Pricing:

$75.00 per man hour

Fall clean-ups are invoiced to the nearest minute and a minimum charge of $50.00 applies.

We will blow leaves and debris out/off of beds, surfaces and bushes and clean-up the debris on your lawn. We also complete a final cut and trim of your lawn typically at a lowered height of 1.5 or 2 inches to prepare your lawn for the winter months.

To give you a ball park figure on what a fall clean-up typically costs, in 2015 our shortest fall clean-up costed $50.00 and our longest fall clean-up costed $224.00. A typical clean-up on a residential property is usually between $100 and $140.

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