ENRICH Soil Enhancer

What is ENRICH?

In the same way that our 4-Application Fertilizer & Weed Control Program has so beneficially impacted our customers’ lawn care practices over the years, we’re pleased to add to our services offering, the 3-Application ENRICH Soil Enhancer Spray Program which we believe will incur the same reputation and profound impact.

We’ve chosen the nickname ENRICH for this program as it’s a little easier to remember, not unlike how many of you have come to call our Fertilizer & Weed Control Program, “Weed & Feed”.

Rejuvenated Healthier Soil with ENRICH

“If your ground below is healthy, whatever grows above it is apt to be healthy”

With our new Enrich Soil Enhancer we’re not just addressing the grass on top but also the actual microbiology of your soil… and that’s where everything gets very interesting and the results can be rather dramatic.

The fact is, we tend to judge the quality of our lawns by how lush and green they are, and rightfully so. Who wouldn’t want a thick, rich, soft, super-green lawn that exudes health and vitality? However, what we don’t typically give much thought to, is the life that is hopefully teeming within the soil under our grass. This microbial life with beneficial bacteria and fungi as its foundation is actually one of the key determinants to healthy, vibrant lawns.

Healthy Soil = Healthy Turf

Soil scientists around the world generally agree that soil biology is the engine room of the soil. Soil biology is responsible for recycling nutrients, converting elements including atmospheric nitrogen and stable but unavailable forms of phosphorus into forms that are more plant-available, as well as breaking down any toxins, both man-made and natural. These biological processes sustain plant life as we know it. Healthy soils enable your grass’s biologic processing to be much more effective with greater efficiency.

So the question is…

“How healthy is the soil under MY grass?”

The more diverse and plentiful the micro-organisms in your soil, the better.

The fact is… a declining turf is almost invariably due to a declining soil quality beneath the surface.

enrich soil enhancer

ENRICH Soil Enhancer to the Rescue

ENRICH restores the interconnected relationship between the soil, micro-organisms and plants, or in this case, your grass. It helps restore the missing and depleted elements in the soil’s ecosystem.

ENRICH is an all-natural proprietary liquid formulation of over 50 of the highest quality plant extracts that serve as nutrients for existing microorganisms in the soil. The addition of these super-concentrated/super-charged plant-extracted growth hormones to the existing soil increases and stimulates the beneficial native microbiology within the soil – It literally feeds the existing microorganisms in your soil that help to bring back and repopulate strains of dormant beneficial microbes, thereby increasing and enhancing more diverse microbial activity. As the name implies, ENRICH enriches and rejuvenates your soil – Anything growing within it, is going to grow better. This in turn results in a multitude of benefits. Some of these you may notice within weeks, some within a few months. The fact is, the cumulative benefits will multiply over time.

The Benefits of ENRICH

  It literally awakens and enlivens dormant strains of beneficial soil microbes, thereby increasing microbial diversity and activity —

♦ This aids in increasing the rate of organic matter decomposition so the soil reclaims nutrients quicker.

  It also helps restore the soil’s pH balance.

  It helps convert man-made fertilizers into plant-available nutrients so that nothing is wasted

  It helps to unlock tied-up nutrients that are already in the soil that may not be necessarily plant-available —

♦ It will help increase the uptake of nutrients into your grass or plants.

♦ It also enables more effective and efficient assimilation and absorption of the nutrients.

  It enables greater oxygen and water absorption —

♦ It improves soil water retention and absorption along with better percolation.

♦ Healthy soil breathes better and can therefore transfer nutrients and moisture more effectively, too.

  It creates more plant mass, a healthier root system and increased organic matter —

♦ If you look below your grass or plants, you’re likely to notice a dramatic increase in new fine root hairs, attesting to its new invigorated growth.

♦ It also makes your soil less susceptible to any water erosion or runoff.

♦ Regarding gardens and flower beds – It results in better, quicker growth and higher-quality yields.

  It leads to improved soil structure allowing your grass and plants to root deeper —

♦ Your enhanced soil will become more porous and soft, no longer compacted.

♦ Your soil becomes home to an abundant super-healthy root structure, not the typical blocked or root-bound condition of grass or plants struggling to cope within unhealthy nutrient-deficient soil.

♦ This will lead to a lusher, thicker lawn, which feels better on your feet, yet is robust… The grass bounces back and restores very quickly even after any repeated usage or severe foot traffic.

enrich soil enhancer

After periodic applications of ENRICH, the overall result is going to be healthy, porous soil, rich in nutrients, making for a fertile foundation, enabling a robust turf that will be healthier, more drought-tolerant, and more resistant to fungal diseases and pests, as well.

Consider the analogy of a healthy immune system in a human being –

If our immune system is healthy, we tend to be far less susceptible to sickness or disease. We can more easily fight off any such stress or attacks. We look healthier and we feel better. We’ve got more in reserve, too… There’s more healthy supply within us than the occasional demand put upon us by the normal rigours and stresses of life and our environment.

It’s the same with the soil under your grass… When it’s healthier, your grass will definitely be healthier, too. If it’s not healthy, your turf is likely to have ongoing problems and more encroaching weeds, too. If the challenges are simply too many for it to survive through, it may even eventually thin out and die or be overcome by some lawn disease.

Likewise, some peoples’ immune systems have been weakened for various reasons or causes and they’re therefore more dependent upon medical prescriptions, etc. Their body on its own isn’t strong enough to fight back enough against some of the maladies that others have no problem with.

When it comes to your soil and what’s growing within it…


ENRICH essentially enlivens the immune system of your grass and plants. It strengthens it and helps its own biologic processing to make better use of that which it needs to be health.

Think of ENRICH as a unique additional all-natural soil additive or nutrient supplement, not meant by any means to replace a routine regimen of fertilizer and weed control herbicide, but to add to it and further enhance your lawn’s quality with another vital highly beneficial lawn care program.

The beauty of ENRICH is that it can not only be used alone in a number of lawn care or gardening applications, but also very effectively in conjunction with fertilizers and herbicides, as well as fungicides.

*** There are no concerns regarding pets or children on your lawn immediately after its application, either.

*** As a soil enhancer, it’s not only ideal for lawns but also equally so for gardens and flowers, shrubs, and many other applications.

* PLEASE NOTE: If you’d like us to spray ENRICH on your garden or flower beds while we’re spraying your lawn, call us in advance to let us know. Assuming an average sized garden or flower bed, we can do so for a nominal additional $10 each if you’d like.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about ENRICH. It's our pleasure to offer you another proven lawn care product that can help your lawn become the envy of your neighbours!