ENRICH Soil Enhancer – Packages & Pricing

*** ENRICH will only be available to Camrose customers for 2021 ***

The ENRICH Soil Enhancer is a stand alone multi-application program, available via the following 3 options. Please note that pricing is based upon the square footage of the area to be sprayed —

Bronze ENRICH Package

``GOOD`` - 1 Application of the ENRICH Soil Enhancer
Starting at $55 +GST

This single application will take place some time before or during our first round of fertilizer applications. This typically takes place during the early to mid Spring. 

Silver ENRICH Package

``BETTER`` - 2 Applications of the ENRICH Soil Enhancer
Starting at $110 +GST

The first application will take place before or during the first round of fertilizer applications, plus a second application to take place during or after the final round of fertilizer applications.

Gold ENRICH Package

``BEST`` - 3 Applications of the ENRICH Soil Enhancer
Starting at $165 +GST

The same applications as in the Silver Enrich Package plus an additional application in June or July. This typically takes place during the late summer to early Fall. 

♦ There is no pre-payment discount for ENRICH Soil Enhancer.
♦ You may pre-pay for this service if that’s more convenient for you, or pay per application if preferred.
♦ Credit card will be the only form of payment after April 30th of each year.


It’s understandable that everybody’s soil and lawn is different. What may improve dramatically with very noticeable results with only 1 application for some lawns may require 2 or perhaps 3 for another customer… However, we want YOU to get the BEST possible benefits and noticeable improvements in your 1st year with ENRICH. So to make it a little more easy to handle the additional service cost, we’re offering the following to YOU! This is over & above any 10% pre-payment discount you may be eligible for with your Fertilizer & Weed Control Pkg renewal prior to March 15th –

Book all 4 Fertilization & Weed Control applications, PLUS all 3 ENRICH applications, and WE’LL APPLY AN ADDITIONAL INTRODUCTORY 15% DISCOUNT TO YOUR ENRICH PRICING!

With all honesty and humility, we predict that those customers who take advantage of the above 4-Fertilizer & Weed Control applications and the 3-ENRICH applications, are going to be those customers with the most healthy and vibrant lawns in 2021! It would be our pleasure to enable that for you!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about ENRICH. It's our pleasure to offer you another proven lawn care product that can help your lawn become the envy of your neighbours!