Core Aeration - Spring & Fall

Aeration Is The Key To A Lush & Healthy Lawn

You’ve probably heard of aeration before or noticed that your neighbors down the street aerate. Maybe you’ve tried aerating your lawn once or twice and decided that you didn’t see the results and it was more work than it was worth. Scott’s Quality Lawn Care knows that aeration is an essential practice that must be repeated on a regular basis in order to attain and maintain the healthiest and best looking lawn possible.

Aeration is the process of removing cores from your lawn. Aeration is a form of thatch removal, as you are removing thatch with each core that is pulled. Thatch removal is not the main benefit and for a more thorough thatch removal, you should consider power raking.

When a core is removed from your lawn, you are opening up the root system. This allows moisture and nutrients to penetrate the root system where they are most needed. The openings that are left behind allow for new root development. With soil compaction reduced, new roots can grow into these spaces. Aeration ultimately strengthens the root system and if practiced on a regular basis, you should see a noticeable difference on the surface of your lawn. Lush and green is what we aim for!

Remember, the real health of your lawn lies in what is below. New root development is key. We recommend aerating at least once per season. Spring and Fall are the best times to aerate as soil temperatures are cooler, meaning the aeration process will be less stressful on your lawn. If you elect to aerate once per year, we recommend the fall. We often offer a discount on the aeration services in the fall since we are less busy than in the spring. Aeration is a great first step to improving the overall health and appearance of your lawn!

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We recommend aerating at least once per season. Spring and Fall are the best times to aerate.

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